San Francisco Feminist looks up from her iPhone for the first time in 4 years, horrified by what she sees

Why does San Francisco feel so lonely?

I was walking down Mission street to attend an event at the Jewish Contemporary Museum. Let me rephrase. I was forced to walk, as my phone battery died when I would normally take a Lyft line. I was forced to look up, right, left and in between. Off my screen into the street. And what I saw while very familiar, woke me up for the first time since I decided San Francisco would be my home, 4 years ago.

Ha ha, poor thing.  Sounds like she was visually assaulted!

Homeless people were lying ALL around, like corpses in a battlefield with no one alive to take them home.


1- Lack of diversity

Don’t get me wrong nothing is wrong with being an engineer or rich or work in tech. But when most of the people who can afford living in a city work in specific type of job, and in a specific industry, that leaves us with lack of diversity, in this case less magical interactions, variety of ways of thinking, being and connecting.

She’s not attracted to nerds.  Shocker…  No magical interactions for you!

How do you make a city feel less lonely? You get strangers to talk to each other. You connect with a homeless person in need.

Wait, I thought she just said the homeless were like corpses?  Dead men tell no tales.

2- Focusing on making it big = no time for people

The aforementioned nerds have done a dating analysis of San Fran and realized you need to be an internet billionaire to actually have a chance with a hot girl.

I don’t want to criticize her too much because she goes on to make some legitimate points.

4- Too many on demand apps = we do not need each other

While this one is obvious, it is the most harmful. When an app can deliver you anything, why ask your neighbor to borrow something? When an app can find you dates, why approach a woman in public? Our on demand apps make things easier but life lonelier.

5- Too much technology allowed

I remember when my Brazilian friend was visiting, she called me rude for looking at my phone while at dinner. Then two days later, she deemed the whole city rude. In San Francisco it feels like because we are a tech city, that the usage of tech has no boundaries.

Things Roosh has been warning about for years.  She then takes real action instead of just a hashtag, OK she does do a hashtag, but still…  Who knows, maybe this will be a turning point for San Fran.  I think that is why they all go to Burning Man, one week of massive amounts of social interactions lasts them a whole year.  They’re like social camels.

Also, inspired by her article, I decided to make last Sunday a phone free day.  I felt as if a great weight had been lifted and I gained 10 IQ points.  My mind was free to roam, instead of tethered to the phone.  I had a couple of great epiphanies which I forgot, since I usually jot them down on my phone.  So one downside but more phone free days are in the future.


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