Liberals Hate Asians

They hate Asians for a many reasons, but one of the main ones is that they completely contradict the Liberal orthodoxy of how we live in a White Racist Society that doesn’t give minorities a far shake.  And yet Asians economically are doing better than Whites.  How can that be if we are so racist?!  Does not compute.  So the answer has been to just power ignore Asians.  The race which must not be named…  Astute readers have noticed that for a long time liberals have used the terms minorities and ‘blacks and Hispanics’ interchangeably.  But never ‘Blacks, Hispanics and Asians’.  Asians simply don’t exist in the Liberal Narrative.

However this is becoming more and more of a problem as Asians are the fastest growing minority group.  So finally on prominent Liberal tried to successfully incorporate Asians into Liberal ideology, and the result is a spectacular failure!

The Asian Advantage

The intro is classic

THIS is an awkward question, but here goes: Why are Asian-Americans so successful in America?

but, but, we know minorities are discriminated against…  Awkward indeed.  (Colored Text)

He then goes on to list a bunch of common sense stuff that the ‘Scientific Racists’ have been saying for years.  It’s not IQ so much as hard work, making sacrifices for your children, two parent families, and being committed to education.

But don’t get too happy, now hear comes the Liberal rebuttal.

Lee and Zhou, for their part, think that positive stereotyping may be part of an explanation for the success of Asian-Americans in school.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re Chinese and you’re good in math,’” the book quotes a girl called Angela as saying. “It’s advantageous when they think that.”

This is classic Liberal circular logic that they always employ.  Because Asians do good in school everyone just thinks they do good in school, so it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Right…  As if there is no way to objectively judge students in a math class!?!  There are no right answers in math, just opinions and feelings.

He then continues with the ‘it’s all a stereotype’ argument.  Another liberal classic.

Another factor in Asian scholastic success may be the interaction of social stereotypes and self-confidence. Scholars like Claude Steele have found that blacks sometimes suffer from “stereotype threat”: Anxiety from negative stereotypes impairs performance. Lee and Zhou argue that Asian-Americans sometimes ride on the opposite of “stereotype threat,” a “stereotype promise” that they will be smart and hard-working.

But in his closing argument he takes it to a whole other level.  Using logic so twisted and fractured only the most devout Liberals can follow it.

Why should the success of the children of Asian doctors, nurtured by teachers, be reassuring to a black boy in Baltimore who is raised by a struggling single mom, whom society regards as a potential menace? Disadvantage and marginalization are complex, often deeply rooted in social structures and unconscious biases, sometimes compounded by hopelessness and self-destructive behaviors, and because one group can access the American dream does not mean that all groups can.

So, sure, let’s celebrate the success of Asian-Americans, and emulate the respect for education and strong families. But let’s not use the success of Asians to pat ourselves on the back and pretend that discrimination is history.

Liberalism saved!  Not.

Disadvantage and marginalization are complex, often deeply rooted in social structures and unconscious biases

So even though he has proven the formula for Asian success, really things are just too complicated for mere mortals to understand.  We must ignore these facts and continue to believe in liberal teachings.

But let’s not use the success of Asians to pat ourselves on the back and pretend that discrimination is history.

In a supreme bit of irony he started by confronting Asian success in America and ended up deciding that we need to ignore Asians.  Back to square one…


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