Global Affluence

The Chateau also notices the connection between affluence and feminism.

As was the case with Rome, the rise of feminism parallels the accumulating wealth and prestige of nations or empires. Affluence may be a causative factor of feminist idiocy, or it may be a correlative factor. Either way, once a nation has succumbed to materialism, it has succumbed to feminism, and once a nation has allowed feminism a toehold in the body politic, decadence and decline are not far behind.

Of course, here at FD, we believe it is a causal relationship.

Roosh also notes what is happening to Eastern European women as they emerge from their communism induced poverty bubble.

Eastern European Women Become More Masculine In America

As The Pussy Turns

6 Ways Poland Is Becoming Degenerate Like America

It becomes increasingly clear that no matter where or when, affluence is responsible for the global pandemic of feminism. A cure must be found soon!


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