Colored Text

Sarcasm Text:  It’s well known that sarcasm doesn’t always translate to the printed page, so this color will be used if there is any ambiguity.  Hopefully it will be obvious to the informed reader but brainwashed liberals may also stumble onto this site.  I don’t always color my sarcasm text.  But when I do, I prefer red. 

Narrative Text:  Feminism Decoded takes you inside the mind of the Liberal or Feminist in question and tells you what they are really thinking.  Or at least what I think they’re thinking.  But don’t worry, I’m almost never wrong.  This is like mansplaining on steroids.

If by now your wondering ‘Is Mort completely insane?’  Full disclosure, yes. One of the reasons I remain anonymous is because if I were ever found I would be immediately returned to the local sanitarium.

Here is a recent pic


I had a few questions about the matriarchy but none were answered to my full satisfaction.